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Month: December 2021

PRESS RELEASE: World’s First Biodegradable, Patent Pending, EcoWrap® Stretch Film, Received TUV Austria’s OK Compost Certificate!

Cortec® Corporation is very excited to receive industrial compostability certification of it’s Eco Wrap® stretch film! Cortec® received the ‘OK compost INDUSTRIAL’ certificate from TÜV Austria on November 24th. This certifies that Eco Wrap® conforms to the criteria for industrial compostability under EN 13432 (European equivalent of ASTM D6400). Eco Wrap® is world’s first compostable…
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desicorr pouch

NEWS ALERT: Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches: Go Beyond Simple Desiccant Action

How many times have you tossed out yet another pouch of silica gel that you found in your last shoebox or electronics purchase? The answer reveals the widespread use of desiccant to protect packages from moisture damage. This is especially critical for metals susceptible to corrosion and all its negative repercussions. While normal desiccant can…
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VpCI-126 Bag

VpCI®-126 Blue – The Two-in-One Export Packaging Solution for Rust Prevention

Export shipping is a critical time for metals and those who manufacture them. Without adequate protection, vulnerable metal components can corrode as they journey through unpredictable environments exposed to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, condensation, and salt spray. While many rust preventative strategies exist, not all are equal. In particular, Cortec’s VpCI®-126 Blue stands out as a…
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