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Month: April 2022

New High Tech Packaging Solution for Corrosion Protection: EcoSonic® ESD 3D Hoods powered by Nano-VpCI®!

April 26, 2022 Cortec Corporation‘s Europan plant, EcoCortec, just launched EcoSonic® ESD 3D Hoods powered by Nano VpCI®. High-tech hoods combine world famous, patented, VpCI® technology with antistatic properties. This film incorporates the latest developments in packaging industry with effective corrosion protection. Packaging the product in VpCI® 3D Hoods will protect metal parts from all…
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ASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #664: Overseas Transport of Electrical Appliances

The customer needed to protect electrical appliances against corrosion during overland and overseas export in containers going by truck and ship. They decided to implement a three-step solution using Cortec® Technology. 1. Lay VpCI®-126 Film on the pallet.2. Place the appliance on the pallet and apply VpCI®-105 Emitter, EcoSpray™ Electronic Cleaner Protector VpCI®-238, and VpCI®-132 Foam inside…
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