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Month: July 2022

NEWS ALERT: When to Integrate VCI Paper Into Your Corrosion Solution

July 27, 2022 With more than 400 products, Cortec® Corporation is well prepared to provide a corrosion solution for a wide range of applications. VCI film and paper are among its extremely versatile flagship, staple products. Cortec® leverages these and many other technologies to create “integrated solutions” that cater to the needs of the specific corrosion prevention…
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PRESS RELEASE: Tired of Plastic Packaging? Get Creative with Recyclable EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper!

July 26, 2022 Society is weary of all the plastic waste piling up from the heavy packaging demands of our consumer age. On the regulatory side, plastic bag bans, fees, or taxes are increasing and causing users to think twice about plastic packaging. These attitudes serve as an impetus for increased use of a biobased,…
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NEWS ALERT: Cortec’s Portfolio of USDA Certified Biobased Papers Present Renewable Packaging Options

Do you ever wonder if there’s a viable biobased packaging alternative to plastic packaging? Cortec’s portfolio of USDA Certified Biobased Product papers is a great place to turn when looking for renewable, recyclable corrosion inhibiting and moisture and grease resistant papers. Here is a brief description of qualified Cortec® paper products. VCI Paper for Rust Prevention…
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