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Case History Spotlight #715: Protecting Wind Turbine Components

A manufacturer and worldwide distributor of wind turbine shafts, rings, and hubs needed a system to circumvent past corrosion problems during two to five years of indoor or outdoor storage. The following procedure was adopted: • Clean components with diluted VpCI®-415 and dry • Coat the most sensitive metal surfaces with VpCI®-368 D • Wrap each component in…
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Case History Spotlight #742: Sustainable Packaging for Skis

DPS Skis wanted a more sustainable packaging material to reflect their pursuit of sustainable business practices. They reached out to Cortec® for an alternative to the polyethylene (PE) shrink film they used to package pairs of skis. After successfully testing Cortec’s EcoShrink™* in their heat shrink tunnel, they decided to start ordering it with the hopes of promoting…
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Case History Spotlight #777: Protecting Transmission Parts

The heat and humidity of “rust season” in the Midwest used to cause corrosion on parts at a transmission plant every summer. VCI paper and film from a prominent Cortec® competitor did not solve the problem, and liquid rust preventatives were not an option. Around the spring of 2015, the plant decided to do real world…
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Case History Spotlight #267: Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron Auto Parts

A manufacturer of cast iron auto parts, which are very susceptible to damage during storage and domestic and international transportation, needed a way of protecting them from corrosion for a six-month period. Their solution was to line a wooden pallet/bin with a 6 mil (15 µm) VpCI®-126 Bag, place auto parts inside, and close the bag.…
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Case History Spotlight #687: Transmission Preservation with CorrLam®

August, 17, 2023 A logistics company in Thailand had 263 transmissions that it needed to store and preserve for five to seven years. They chose to wrap and seal each transmission in a piece of CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate. The product was easy to use and satisfactory to the customer. As of four years…
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Cortec® Case History Spotlight #731: Long-Term Storage of Auto Service Parts

Automakers who manufacture thousands or millions of service parts in advance must find ways to keep them corrosion-free for 10, 20, or 30 years after a model has been discontinued. In 2020, this need arose for a major automaker who needed to preserve thousands of rear differential units for up to 15 years. The automaker…
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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #785: Water-Soluble Packaging for Agriculture Products

After more than 50 years in business, a producer of livestock nutritional supplements and other agriculture treatments decided to try a new form of packaging. Previously, users of their manure and feed additives had to apply the powdered additives by dumping them out of regular bags, which meant the wind sometimes carried away some of…
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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #506: VCI Paper for SUV Frame Preservation

SUV frames wrapped in VCI films were being rejected due to dark tarnish and corrosion spots where process oils had broken through the packaging. Since the customer could not eliminate the processing oil, another packaging solution was needed. They began using VpCI®-148, an oil resistant paper, to protect the frames during shipping to assembly plants in different parts…
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