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PRESS RELEASE: Anti-Tarnish Paper Keeps Silver Stock and Sterling Goods Shiny!

November 1, 2023 Anyone who has owned or worked with silver knows how easily it can tarnish. This makes it very difficult for manufacturers and distributors to keep their silver raw materials tarnish-free in stock or deliver finely crafted silver goods in like-new condition without taking deliberate steps to stop tarnish. While airtight compartments or…
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PRESS RELEASE: Automotive Manufacturers: Make Sure Your VCI Bag is the Solution, Not the Problem

VCI bags have been a revolutionary packaging solution for the automotive industry, allowing auto parts manufacturers and suppliers to eliminate greasy rust preventatives and opt for the dry protection of VCI film instead. Unfortunately, some VCI bags are doomed to failure, leading to the very corrosion that the VCI bag user was trying to prevent. To…
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PRESS RELEASE: Corrosion Protection + Heat Sealable Paper = New Custom Packaging Solution!

Cortec® has released yet another creative metals packaging solution with an eye to sustainability and convenience! CorShield® VpCI®-146 Heat Sealable Paper combines the heat sealable properties of EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper with the corrosion inhibiting properties of CorShield® VpCI®– 146 Paper for a dual corrosion inhibiting heat sealable paper that opens the door to a wide variety of recyclable custom packaging solutions for…
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PRESS RELEASE: VpCI® Packaging for Brakes and Bearings: Rust Prevention That Makes Sense!

While better ways exist to prevent rust on brakes and bearings, some brake rotors still reach their destination dressed in messy petroleum-based rust preventatives that are difficult for the end user to remove. Fortunately, many manufacturers have discovered the benefits of protecting brakes and bearings with VpCI® Packaging, which offers important advantages to both manufacturers and end…
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Cortec® Awarded Patent for Industrially Compostable Stretch Wrap Technology!

September 7, 2023 Cortec® Corporation has been awarded a US patent for its commercially compostable industrial strength stretch film technology, also known as Eco Wrap® film! This patent is a significant milestone in Cortec’s ongoing quest to develop environmentally responsible products and distinguishes Cortec® as a leader in “green” packaging technology! Eco Wrap® is a…
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Skip the Plastic—Use Recyclable Moisture Barrier VCI Paper Instead of Poly Coated!

What happens when VCI (vapor corrosion inhibiting) paper seems to be the best option for a specific metal packaging application except for one thing? A higher risk of moisture raises the question of whether a plastic coating or bag is needed to provide the necessary barrier to packaged goods. However, before making that decision, Cortec® encourages…
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PRESS RELEASE: Securing Peace of Mind with CorrLam® for Long-Term Automotive Parts Storage

August 16, 2023 Building a “bank” of auto parts in advance is critical to ensuring that service parts for a retired car model will be ready years later. However, it can also be a strategic business move when leadership foresees potential interruptions to the upcoming auto industry workflow. The approaching sale of manufacturing facilities, a…
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PRESS RELEASE: Recyclable Barrier Paper for Your Circular Economy Initiative!

August 9, 2023 Many consumers and manufacturers today are looking for more environmentally acceptable ways of carrying out everyday activities such as packaging. The use of paper products instead of plastic represents one opportunity to reduce plastic pollution and use material from a plant-based resource instead of a heavily petroleum-based one. Recyclability represents another opportunity…
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PRESS RELEASE: Tired of Pink Poly? Replace Antistatic Plastic with Recyclable VCI Paper!

What if ESD managers could use recyclable paper instead of antistatic “pink poly” to package electronics? What if that paper also offered corrosion protection for metal contacts on PCBs and telecom equipment? Both aspects come true in Cortec’s EcoSonic® ESD Paper. What Is EcoSonic® ESD Paper? EcoSonic® ESD Paper combines corrosion inhibiting and static-dissipative properties to provide a complete…
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PRESS RELEASE: How to Improve WIP Cycle with Dry Rust Preventative Technology

While Cortec VpCI® Technology has opened the doors to simpler, speedier forms of corrosion protection, some metal processors and manufacturers today are still doing things the hard way: applying a wet film rust preventative that must be cleaned off before it goes to the next stage of processing. In contrast, Cortec’s various methods of dry corrosion…
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