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NEWS ALERT: EcoSol®: The Water-Soluble Packaging Solution for Convenient and Precise Dosing

NEWS ALERT: EcoSol®: The Water-Soluble Packaging Solution for Convenient and Precise Dosing

recent market study points to a growing interest in PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) films, partially driven by increasing demand for convenient, environmentally responsible packaging. Cortec® is listed as a key company in the PVA film market and makes EcoSol® in answer to this specialty packaging need.

Benefits of Water-Soluble Packaging

EcoSol® can be made into water-soluble PVA bags, sachets, or pouches for a range of uses. One of the main benefits is that it eliminates the direct handling of chemicals, dirty laundry, or other items that may be better not to touch. EcoSol® makes products extremely convenient to apply simply by tossing the pouch or bag into the target environment, allowing water to dissolve the PVA film and release its contents. EcoSol® also enables precise dosing of chemicals or other ingredients. Finally, EcoSol® makes packaging disposal easy by dissolving into a harmless aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol that degrades in the presence of microorganisms typically found in a wastewater treatment plant.

Where to Use PVA Film

EcoSol® packaging has countless possible uses:

  • Precise dosing of concrete admixtures (just toss the pouch into the concrete mix)
  • Safe and convenient application of water treatments (add the chemicals to the water without directly handling them)
  • Contactless hospital laundry processing (toss EcoSol® laundry bags into the washing machine without even having to touch the soiled linens)
  • No-mess measurement of detergents and cleaners (add one detergent pouch to the dishwasher with no drips or spills)
  • No-hassle product formulation (make it easy to add-in pigments, biocides, or other additives to a formula)
  • Manufacturing of fun and easy-to-use consumer products (e.g., bathing products or children’s science kits)

The list goes on. Many industries need water-soluble packaging for one reason or another, and EcoSol® is here to meet that need with a convenient dual product delivery and packaging disposal system. Contact Cortec® to discuss details for your specific application: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/

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