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NEWS ALERT: ‘Dissolve’ Application Problems with EcoSol® Water-Soluble Film!

Cortec® EcoSol® is a heat sealable PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) film that can be made into water soluble pouches or bags for a variety of products and purposes. When placed in water at room temperature, it dissolves within minutes, releasing the EcoSol® pouch contents into the target environment for mixing or cleaning. It can be a great packaging option…
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PRESS RELEASE: BioPad®: The Convenient Biobased Packaging Solution for Metals Protection

It is sometimes difficult for metal manufacturers to balance their goal of corrosion protection with their desire to use a worker-friendly product made from renewable resources. BioPad® makes it easy to do so with a USDA Certified Biobased Product that can be used in process, in storage, or in shipment. Corrosion Protection from a Biobased Product BioPad® is…
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