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Customer Feedback

“Our partnership with Cortec® spans over 18 years and they are, by far, our most valued vendor. Cortec® has the highest quality products in the industry and they follow through with a level of service rarely seen from a manufacturer. We constantly rely on Cortec® to go above the standard call of service and they have never let us down.
Being a distributor of Cortec® products has enabled us to bring tremendous value to our customers in the metals industry. No matter the application, Cortec® has a custom tailored solution to preserve expensive equipment and protect steel parts in very challenging environments.”

Justin S.

Provider of Packaging Materials

“Cortec® has been very helpful working with me to try and determine exactly what size VCI bag we needed for some new parts we are producing. They were very responsive, and even sent me a handful of samples of various sizes so that I could better figure out exactly what we needed. The new VCI bags have been working perfectly, and the operators are pleased with the smaller sized bags vs. having to cut and modify the previous sized bags they were using. Overall, very pleased with the service from Cortec®.”

Blair H.

Provider of Specialty Metal Fasteners

“We have been a successful Cortec® distributor in the Midwest for over 25 years. Additionally, we also use poly, emitters, and water based VpCIs in our export packaging and crating services for our clients. Our customers appreciate the products since there is no messy cleanup, and the solutions we provide are always cost effective and prevent corrosion. What more could we ask for? Cortec® VpCIs work well, their staff is knowledgeable, and they make us look good to our customers!”

Dan S.

Provider of Industrial and Export Packaging Services

“The Cortec® team visited our company due to a significant spike in corrosion concerns at customer sites. Component replacement cost was significant! Cortec® reviewed our build facilities and all key suppliers globally to make recommendations on best protection methods based on each type of commodity. They also met with our R&D team to develop a corrosion technical specification moving forward. Glad to have them on our team.”

Craig L.

Provider of Supply Chain Solutions

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