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NEWS ALERT: Custom Sizes and Perfs to Meet Your VCI Paper Needs

August 2, 2022 When it comes to applying VCI paper to prevent rust, the possible variations are endless—whether using a long narrow strip to emit protective vapors in a box, a square sheet to wrap metal parts, or a wide sheet for interleaving! Whatever the VCI paper application, Cortec® Corporation is ready to support these and many other…
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NEWS ALERT: When to Integrate VCI Paper Into Your Corrosion Solution

July 27, 2022 With more than 400 products, Cortec® Corporation is well prepared to provide a corrosion solution for a wide range of applications. VCI film and paper are among its extremely versatile flagship, staple products. Cortec® leverages these and many other technologies to create “integrated solutions” that cater to the needs of the specific corrosion prevention…
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