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PRESS RELEASE: Take Advantage of Countless Opportunities for ‘Greener’ Palletization with Eco Wrap®!

PRESS RELEASE: Take Advantage of Countless Opportunities for ‘Greener’ Palletization with Eco Wrap®!

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November 9, 2021

Stretch wrapping has become an integral part of the warehousing and shipping sectors, helping to unitize bulky loads and improve handling. Unfortunately, it is one more contributor to the millions of tons of plastic waste generated annually. The exciting question is, what if, instead of sending all that plastic wrap waste to the landfill, users could turn it into soil amendment at an industrial compost facility? Cortec® opens the door to this possibility with its innovative Eco Wrap® technology for use in countless industrial applications!

What is Eco Wrap®?
Eco Wrap® is a specialty compostable wrapping film made with certified compostable resin plus a tackifier additive. It has been formulated to run on existing stretch film equipment by simply adjusting the tension setting. It is a great stretch film alternative to conventional polyethylene films for shipping and storage applications. After use, Eco Wrap® is designed for disposal in a commercial composting facility where it can be composted with a variety of organic wastes to create new soil for agricultural use.* This reduces the risk of plastics pollution and excess plastic waste buildup in landfills.

Where Can Eco Wrap® Be Substituted in Industry?
Eco Wrap® can be directly substituted for normal stretch wrap in almost any industrial application. The following options present exciting opportunities.
 Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry includes countless goods that are manufactured, then packed and shipped domestically and internationally. Stretch wrap is needed to palletize these finished goods—whether they be auto parts, computers, tools, wires and cables, carpets, or something else—for bulk shipment. Eco Wrap® can be used to replace traditional plastic.
• Online retail: Online shopping is a booming industry, especially with the recent pandemic that has caused many people to stay closer to home and take advantage of delivery services. This growing market is a natural consumer of stretch wrap for palletizing boxed goods. Eco Wrap® can help improve the negative image projected on some companies for the amount of packaging waste/plastic used.
• Agriculture: There are plenty of agriculture products in need of stretch wrap. With Eco Wrap®, firewood, lumber, hay bales, and other agriculture materials can now be bundled and wrapped with a commercially compostable film. This is especially appropriate for an industry so closely tied to nature.
• Baggage and furniture handling: Stretch wrap is a great tool for baggage handlers and moving companies. Eco Wrap® can be used to corral luggage at the airport or securely wrap furniture before loading it onto the moving van. After use, it can be sent for commercial composting instead of adding one more pound of plastic waste to the landfill record.
• Food industry: The food industry presents a major opportunity for palletizing of cans, crates, bottles, cartons, and bags. Eco Wrap® can be used for stretch wrapping in these countless bulk packaging applications where there is no direct contact with food.

Get Ready to Make an Investment in Environmental Stewardship!
Stretch wrap is a fixture in today’s industry, but it is no longer inevitable to add to the landfill or the floating island of plastic on the ocean in the
process. By using Eco Wrap
®, you can help end users return packaging to nature at their local industrial composting facility and express your commitment to environmental stewardship at the same time! Contact Cortec® today to get started: https://www.cortecvci.com/contact-us/

Learn more about Eco Wrap® here: https://www.cortecvci.com/eco-wrap-patent-pending/

*This product is intended to be composted in a commercial composting facility operated in accordance with best management practices. Check locally to see if such a facility exists in your community and if they will accept this product. Not suitable for backyard composting.

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