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Eco Works® Resin

Eco Works® Resin

A proprietary blend of aliphatic and aromatic polyesters designed for compostable film extrusion applications. Resin also contains an annually renewable biopolymer derived from plant sugars. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, films produced from Eco Works® Resin will fully biodegrade aerobically into carbon dioxide and water within a matter of weeks, with no eco-toxicity to the soil, plants, or microorganisms involved. Films produced from Eco Works® Resin are certifiable as 100% compostable per ASTM D6400 and DIN EN 13432.

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EcoWorks® Resin, Biodegradable Resin for Film

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Biodegradable Film

Compounded Eco Works® 10-30 (number refers to percent biobased content) available upon request, 800 lbs (363 kg) minimum. Contact your regional sales representative for sizing and lead time: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/.

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