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Eco Works®

Eco Works®

A range of compostable film and bag products containing 5-45% renewable content and no polyethylene. Certified compostable per EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. When placed in a typical commercial composting environment, Eco Works® films will fully biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water within a matter of weeks. There is no eco-toxicity to the soil, plants, or microorganisms involved in this process. Eco Works® film and bags can be used for checkout bags, lawn and leaf bags, organic waste diversion, and other industrial and commercial uses.

Cortec’s DIN CERTCO certification covers the following Eco Works® products:

• Compostable Film (reg # 7P0090)
• Compostable Waste Bags (reg # 7P0091)
• Compostable Shopping Bags (reg # 7P0343)

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EcoWorks® Biodegradable & Compostable Films & Bags

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Biodegradable Film

Available in custom sheeting, tubing, and bags. Contact your regional sales representative for sizing and lead time: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/.

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