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Visualize the Possibilities for Corrosion Protection

Cortec’s packaging solutions are available in many forms: VpCI® Films, VpCI® Papers, VpCI® Emitters, and Specialty products. By providing corrosion protection in a variety of delivery forms, Cortec® makes it easier to find the right packaging solution to fit your needs.

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as slipping nuts and bolts into a VpCI® bag for safe storage or wrapping an automotive part in VpCI® paper before it is shipped. Other times, it may include a combination of VpCI® strategies for laying up large equipment—for example, by wrapping it in heavy duty VpCI® specialty fabric and adding VpCI® emitters to protect large internal spaces.

In addition, Cortec’s list of specialty materials is as varied as VpCI® pipe caps for protection of unique metal shapes, or moisture barrier papers that offer a competitive recyclable alternative to traditional wax or polycoated papers.
Whatever the industry, Cortec’s packaging products are available to provide creative mix and match solutions to the specific packaging need. For Cortec®, that means so much more than simply packaging—it means leveraging a variety of innovative packaging materials to provide corrosion solutions for manufacturing, shipment, daily operations, and long-term storage or layup of valuable assets.

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