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Specialty Products

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Cortec’s specialty products include unique packaging items that incorporate Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors into protective fabric, corrugated boxes, laminated barrier foil, pipe caps, woven polypropylene, and more for customized protection. These protective items can be adapted to use for uniquely shaped items or special packaging, storage, and transport circumstances.

Cortec® also offers specialty packaging material for non-corrosive situations. Selections include water soluble film pouches, fully repulpable heat sealable paper, and commercially compostable film. In addition, our fully recyclable/repulpable moisture barrier papers offer excellent alternatives to polyethylene and wax papers. Paper coated with our water-based barrier coatings have displayed moisture barrier properties competitive to those of wax or polyethylene coated papers, with the advantage of being more environmentally friendly and easier to dispose.

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