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Anti-Skid Linerboard/VpCI® Anti-Skid Linerboard

Anti-Skid Linerboard/VpCI® Anti-Skid Linerboard

Cortec® Anti-Skid Linerboard is available in two varieties, with and without VpCI® protection, for applications where non-movement of items is critical. Cortec® VpCI® Anti-Skid Linerboard is designed to prevent corrosion as well as slippage of cases, cartons, and bags up to a twenty degree slide angle depending on application and type of product being stacked. It protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In addition, Anti-Skid Linerboard is non-adhesive and much more durable than traditional alumina or silica treated anti-skid linerboards. Cortec® Anti-Skid Linerboard has many packaging applications due to the high coefficient of friction for “linerboard on linerboard” and “linerboard on metal.” This allows the linerboard to be very beneficial when transporting items on pallets by preventing items from falling off and causing damage. It is easy and simple to use as a liner for pallets, shipping containers, container transport conveyers, or floors. Anti-Skid Linerboard is recyclable, repulpable, and nitrite-free.

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Anti-Skid Liner Board

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Size (W x L)Basis WeightApprox Weight/
Rolls per Pallet
Availability  Product Number
2-98" x 50-25,000'
(5-248.9 cm x 15.24-7620 m)
Diameter: 56" (142.2 cm)
Core Size: 3", 4", 5",6" (7.62, 10.16, 12.7, 15.24 cm)

42 lbs/1000 ft² (214 g/m²)VariesCustomNA


Size (W x L)Basis WeightApprox Weight/
Rolls per pallet
Sheets/CartonAvailability  Product Number
1-52" x 1-56" (2.54-132 cm x 2.54-142.24 cm)
42 lbs/1000 ft² (214 g/m²)VariesVariesCustomNA
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