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EcoShield® VpCI®-226

EcoShield® VpCI®-226

VpCI®-226 Series Films combine the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. Cortec’s specialized formula ensures that EcoShield® VpCI®-226 film and bags are 100% nitrite free. Your mind can be put at ease as you handle a film that contains no trace of nitrite yet effectively protects your packaged parts from corrosion, rust, and tarnish. Recyclable.

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EcoShield® VpCI®-226

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Size (W x L)ThicknessApprox WeightAvailabilityProduct Number
36" x 600'
(91.4 cm x 182.9 m)
4 mil (100µ)38 lbs (17.25 kg)
25 rolls/pallet
48" x 600'
(121.9 cm x 182.9 m)
4 mil (100 µ )53 lbs (24 kg)
25 rolls/pallet

Available in custom sheeting, tubing, and bags. Contact your regional sales representative for sizing and lead time: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/.

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