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Month: July 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Recyclable Grease-Resistant VCI Paper: Choose the VpCI®-148 Advantage!

What happens when a manufacturer needs to ship a metal part and protect it from corrosion, but the shipping process does not allow removal of process oil? Surprisingly, the answer is not to automatically use VCI plastic but to consider a product like VpCI®-148 Paper—a recyclable, grease-resistant, corrosion inhibiting packaging material produced by Cortec® Corporation and available…
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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #506: SUV Frame Preservation

In an unusual incident, one leading automaker was having trouble with tarnish and corrosion on SUV frames during shipment. The process oil used on the frames could not be removed before packaging and was eating holes through the VCI film (non-Cortec®). This allowed tarnish and corrosion to occur and the frames to be rejected. When…
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