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NEWS ALERT: Prioritizing Rust Prevention for Greenfield Construction Projects

Almost any construction project involves delays. This is especially true with large scale refineries, offshore windfarms, or other industrial sites that take multiple years to build. In the meantime, equipment assets arriving onsite are at risk for corrosion while sitting idle in harsh conditions. Proper preservation is therefore integral to bringing a greenfield project successfully…
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NEWS ALERT: Pursuing a ‘Circular Economy’ with Cortec® Recyclable Barrier Papers

In today’s world of abundance and exploding e-commerce, there seems to be more packaging waste than ever. At the same time, there is a greater concern about how human activities are impacting the environment. Recycling is mainstream, but when it comes to recyclable barrier paper, the options are more limited. Historically, barrier papers have used…
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NEWS ALERT: Improve Your Automotive Packaging Protection Efficiency!

Auto part suppliers do not want to be slowed down in the packaging process—or any other process for that matter. They need to manufacture, pack, and ship countless gears, discs, or transmission components rust-free as efficiently as possible. In answer to this need, Cortec’s VpCI®-126 Gusseted Bags make a great foundation to a fast and effective protective…
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NEWS ALERT: ‘Dissolve’ Application Problems with EcoSol® Water-Soluble Film!

Cortec® EcoSol® is a heat sealable PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) film that can be made into water soluble pouches or bags for a variety of products and purposes. When placed in water at room temperature, it dissolves within minutes, releasing the EcoSol® pouch contents into the target environment for mixing or cleaning. It can be a great packaging option…
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NEWS ALERT: Looking for a ‘Greener’ Alternative to Shrink Wrap? Try EcoShrink™!

Today’s environmental perspective is forcing us to reexamine our approach to packaging. Is there a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste we are generating, especially when it comes to plastic pollution? EcoShrink™ is one of the products that is offering answers to these questions. As a certified commercially compostable shrink wrap, it can be…
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NEWS ALERT: Know Your VCI Film and Bag Options

  The main purpose of VCI films and bags is to protect metals from corrosion. While the reason is simple, the options are many. Knowing what VCI Film and Bag varieties are available under the Cortec® VpCI® quality brand name will help you leverage this form of protection to the best advantage for each specific application. Different…
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NEWS ALERT: ‘Circular Economy’ Opportunities with Cortec® Films

When it comes to plastics packaging, Cortec’s “circular economy” opportunities fall into two main categories: recycling and composting. Both seek to repurpose old products into useful new material. Both are great ways for end users to jump into the “circular economy” and improve their environmental footprint! Recycling Partnership Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) and EcoCortec® offer customers in the…
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NEWS ALERT: Custom Sizes and Perfs to Meet Your VCI Paper Needs

August 2, 2022 When it comes to applying VCI paper to prevent rust, the possible variations are endless—whether using a long narrow strip to emit protective vapors in a box, a square sheet to wrap metal parts, or a wide sheet for interleaving! Whatever the VCI paper application, Cortec® Corporation is ready to support these and many other…
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NEWS ALERT: When to Integrate VCI Paper Into Your Corrosion Solution

July 27, 2022 With more than 400 products, Cortec® Corporation is well prepared to provide a corrosion solution for a wide range of applications. VCI film and paper are among its extremely versatile flagship, staple products. Cortec® leverages these and many other technologies to create “integrated solutions” that cater to the needs of the specific corrosion prevention…
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