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Running Out of Storage Space? Explore Outdoor Storage Solutions with VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film

May 18, 2022 Storage space can be hard to come by in warehouses or manufacturing facilities. This is especially true for manufacturers who have thousands of engine components that must be built ahead or molders who need extra space to store tooling and dies. VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film gives you the option of expanding…
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NEWS ALERT: EcoSol®: The Water-Soluble Packaging Solution for Convenient and Precise Dosing

A recent market study points to a growing interest in PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) films, partially driven by increasing demand for convenient, environmentally responsible packaging. Cortec® is listed as a key company in the PVA film market and makes EcoSol® in answer to this specialty packaging need. Benefits of Water-Soluble Packaging EcoSol® can be made into water-soluble PVA bags, sachets, or pouches…
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NEWS ALERT: VCI Paper vs. VCI Film: Tips to Make an Educated Choice

When it comes to choosing an anticorrosion packaging material for metals, it can sometimes be a toss-up between selecting VCI paper or VCI film. There is not necessarily one right choice. Much of the decision depends on customer preferences and application needs. Reviewing some of the advantages of Cortec’s own VpCI® Film vs. VpCI® Paper can help…
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desicorr pouch

NEWS ALERT: Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches: Go Beyond Simple Desiccant Action

How many times have you tossed out yet another pouch of silica gel that you found in your last shoebox or electronics purchase? The answer reveals the widespread use of desiccant to protect packages from moisture damage. This is especially critical for metals susceptible to corrosion and all its negative repercussions. While normal desiccant can…
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CAF Plastic Recycling Program Invites New Recycling Partners to Join the ‘Circular Economy’!

Years ago, Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) discovered how to minimize plastic waste by adding up to 20% of pre- or post-consumer plastic waste back into virgin film while still ensuring the quality of its VpCI®-126 Blue corrosion protection. Today, CAF invites customers to join them in this environmental stewardship by becoming a Cortec® VpCI® plastics recycling partner! Large…
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NEWS ALERT: Game on! Avoiding Corrosion and Static Damage on Electronic Gaming and PC Components

With the increasing popularity of the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and recent growth in the PC market, there is no question that electronics are in high demand. A shortage of computer chips makes it all the more important to keep limited supplies undamaged by static and corrosion. Cortec’s EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags can help…
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NEWS ALERT: Add a Fresh Outlook to Your Environmental Packaging Image with EcoShrink™!

Can shrink wrap be all that exciting? We invite you to explore that possibility with EcoShrink™, one of our newest environmentally responsible packaging technologies! Traditionally, there have been three basic options for disposing shrink wrap: 1) Throw it on the ground (not recommended), 2) Throw it in the trash, or 3) Send it for recycling.…
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