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NEWS ALERT: Game on! Avoiding Corrosion and Static Damage on Electronic Gaming and PC Components

With the increasing popularity of the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and recent growth in the PC market, there is no question that electronics are in high demand. A shortage of computer chips makes it all the more important to keep limited supplies undamaged by static and corrosion. Cortec’s EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 Static Dissipative Film & Bags can help…
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NEWS ALERT: Add a Fresh Outlook to Your Environmental Packaging Image with EcoShrink™!

Can shrink wrap be all that exciting? We invite you to explore that possibility with EcoShrink™, one of our newest environmentally responsible packaging technologies! Traditionally, there have been three basic options for disposing shrink wrap: 1) Throw it on the ground (not recommended), 2) Throw it in the trash, or 3) Send it for recycling.…
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