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NEWS ALERT: How to Build a Rust-Free Automotive Bank for Unexpected Shutdowns

Unexpected shutdowns, such as the recent strike at the Big Three automakers, send suppliers scrambling to adjust to changing demands. What can be done to preserve thousands of engines, transmissions, and other components that suddenly have nowhere to go? VpCI® packaging solutions can help automakers create a rust-free auto parts bank to survive these and other emergencies. The…
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NEWS ALERT: Join Us as We Break New Ground in ESD Packaging!

We are excited to be heading back to the annual EOS/ESD Symposium in October! This year marks the 45th annual convention of the ESD Association and the second year of Cortec® attendance. After a great experience in 2022, we are looking forward to sending reps from our sales and technical team to share more exciting developments in…
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NEWS ALERT: Do You Have an Auto Parts Bank Ready for the Next Emergency?

August 17, 2023 How do automakers prepare for the unexpected—a pandemic, a sudden worker shortage, or any other emergency that suspends normal operations? One way is to start an auto build-ahead program that creates a bank of automotive parts ready to install at a moment’s notice. The same strategy can be used for models that…
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NEWS ALERT: Need a New Sustainability Initiative? Get Creative with Heat Sealable Paper!

These days, people are looking for new ways to make their packaging more environmentally responsible while still getting the packaging qualities that they need. Sustainable sourcing is attractive on the one hand, and recyclability is important on the other. One simple packaging material that addresses both aspects is EcoShield® Heat Sealable Paper, a recyclable paper with many…
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NEWS ALERT: VpCI® in the Music World – Corrosion Protection of Musical Instrument Strings

What does Cortec® VpCI® Packaging have to do with music? It could have a lot to do with the musical instrument string supply chain that makes it possible for guitars, violins, pianos, and harps to add a musical dimension to our lives. Uncontrolled Shipping and Storage Conditions Since music is an international language, it is not surprising that musical…
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NEWS ALERT: Need Corrosion Testing for Individually Packaged Parts? Ask Cortec® Laboratories!

Would you like to try VpCI® Film but are not sure if it will meet company specifications or how it will compare to your current metal parts packaging system? Cortec® Laboratories offers corrosion testing on individually packaged parts to help end users confirm product effectiveness, pass company approval processes, and decide among various protection options. Confirming Product Effectiveness At…
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NEWS ALERT: Updated Auto Brochure Tackles Rust Prevention in EV Industry

The EV (electric vehicle) market is growing by leaps and bounds. So, too, is the proliferation of sensors and electronic components that control traditional vehicles. In light of this rapidly changing market, Cortec® has updated its automotive brochure to more directly address rust prevention in the burgeoning EV and electronics sectors of the auto industry. The…
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NEWS ALERT: Add Corrosion Protection to Your List of ESD Packaging Benefits!

Electronics manufacturers and distributors, along with ESD managers, are very familiar with the concept of ESD packaging to safeguard electronics from the unseen but real damage of static discharge during shipping and handling. What many do not know, but are excited to learn, is that they can simultaneously get corrosion and ESD protection with the…
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NEWS ALERT: Prioritizing Rust Prevention for Greenfield Construction Projects

Almost any construction project involves delays. This is especially true with large scale refineries, offshore windfarms, or other industrial sites that take multiple years to build. In the meantime, equipment assets arriving onsite are at risk for corrosion while sitting idle in harsh conditions. Proper preservation is therefore integral to bringing a greenfield project successfully…
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NEWS ALERT: Pursuing a ‘Circular Economy’ with Cortec® Recyclable Barrier Papers

In today’s world of abundance and exploding e-commerce, there seems to be more packaging waste than ever. At the same time, there is a greater concern about how human activities are impacting the environment. Recycling is mainstream, but when it comes to recyclable barrier paper, the options are more limited. Historically, barrier papers have used…
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