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Month: January 2024

Case History Spotlight #742: Sustainable Packaging for Skis

DPS Skis wanted a more sustainable packaging material to reflect their pursuit of sustainable business practices. They reached out to Cortec® for an alternative to the polyethylene (PE) shrink film they used to package pairs of skis. After successfully testing Cortec’s EcoShrink™* in their heat shrink tunnel, they decided to start ordering it with the hopes of promoting…
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PRESS RELEASE: Optimizing Packaging for Distributors of Metal Parts, Electronics, and More!

Distributors are an important part of the economy’s supply chain. These entities range from globally recognized distributors of consumer goods to industrial distributors that help reallocate pipes, tools, aftermarket auto parts, electronics, and more. With so many goods going into and out of distribution centers, packaging is a major ingredient of everyday operations. Items that…
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PRESS RELEASE: The Many Shapes and Sizes of CorShield® VpCI®-146 Rust Prevention

Rust prevention is a must-have for manufacturers and distributors of metal goods. Unpredictable shipping conditions paired with corrosion-susceptible metals create a recipe for disaster if no precautions are taken. Fortunately, the solution is sometimes as simple as grabbing a piece of CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper to pack metal parts and get them to customers in like-new condition. How VCI…
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NEWS ALERT: Something to Celebrate: Crepe Paper That Prevents Rust!

Are you a manufacturer that wants to protect outgoing metal parts from corrosion but finds standard VCI paper too stiff? A creped version of CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper may be just what you need to provide better packaging conformity and cushioning with a sustainable rust preventative solution! Rust Preventative Paper VpCI®-146 Creped Paper is Cortec’s flagship Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting…
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Case History Spotlight #777: Protecting Transmission Parts

The heat and humidity of “rust season” in the Midwest used to cause corrosion on parts at a transmission plant every summer. VCI paper and film from a prominent Cortec® competitor did not solve the problem, and liquid rust preventatives were not an option. Around the spring of 2015, the plant decided to do real world…
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