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Month: February 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Corporation – the only VCI Company Listed in Growing Metals Packaging Market Study!

Comprehensive study of the Metals Packaging Market was conducted by Harness Global, worldwide statistical surveying and business counseling firm that gives business insight arrangements to worldwide ventures. As mentioned in the report “Global Metal Packaging market has shown strong growth and is expected to reach US$205 billion by 2028”. In the study, Cortec® Corporation is…
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PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Heat Sealable Paper for Dunnage Bag System Using Recycled Boxes

In an age of online shopping and mass production, distribution centers are on the rise. Naturally, the amount of packaging is also increasing, and a practical solution is needed to close the loop on recycling so much waste. One major tool distribution company in the U.S. Midwest has found its own “circular economy” answer to…
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CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #506: VCI Paper for SUV Frame Preservation

SUV frames wrapped in VCI films were being rejected due to dark tarnish and corrosion spots where process oils had broken through the packaging. Since the customer could not eliminate the processing oil, another packaging solution was needed. They began using VpCI®-148, an oil resistant paper, to protect the frames during shipping to assembly plants in different parts…
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NEWS ALERT: Pursuing a ‘Circular Economy’ with Cortec® Recyclable Barrier Papers

In today’s world of abundance and exploding e-commerce, there seems to be more packaging waste than ever. At the same time, there is a greater concern about how human activities are impacting the environment. Recycling is mainstream, but when it comes to recyclable barrier paper, the options are more limited. Historically, barrier papers have used…
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