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PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Corporation – the only VCI Company Listed in Growing Metals Packaging Market Study!

PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Corporation – the only VCI Company Listed in Growing Metals Packaging Market Study!

Comprehensive study of the Metals Packaging Market was conducted by Harness Global, worldwide statistical surveying and business counseling firm that gives business insight arrangements to worldwide ventures. As mentioned in the report “Global Metal Packaging market has shown strong growth and is expected to reach US$205 billion by 2028”. In the study, Cortec® Corporation is the only VCI company listed as a significant player in this industry. There are several reasons for booming of global metal packaging market. One lies in consumer awareness of the usage of environmentally safer materials in packaging, as well as increased demand for lightweight packaging.

Recyclability of metal packaging is one of the significant factors expected to drive the global metal packaging market over the forecast period. In most cases, especially in Europe and North America, eco-friendly packaging is crucial for consumers in the region when choosing a product. The same goes for anticorrosion packaging materials. Desire for more recyclable packaging and new demands in emergent markets will help drive future demand of metal packaging materials through to 2028. “Within Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain and France are the key countries responsible for the
significant growth of the regional market. Germany is expected to grow at a fastest CAGR of 4.93% over the forecast period”, as stated in the
report. North American metal packaging market is expected to grow significantly as well. One of the most important decision factors when purchasing packaging materials today is sustainability. Recyclable, compostable or biodegradable materials are rapidly taking over the VCI packaging market. Cortec is a  proud champion in environmentally friendly VCI packaging aimed for corrosion protection of metals. The company started to develop sustainable VCI/VpCI® films and bags decades ago and almost perfected the technology to this day. Cortec’s teams of chemists and engineers are working on improving formulations of sustainable VCI packaging materials as well as launching new ones on the market. In fact, the company has launched highest number of green corrosion protection packaging materials in recent years, among all VCI manufacturers. Decades of investing in R&D in the field of green anticorrosion packaging made Cortec Corporation a proud global leader in this field. Cortec’s packaging solutions provide huge environmental and economic benefits. The company is using up to 30 percent recycled content in the production of its vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI/VpCI) plastic film packaging. With wide range of packaging VCI/VpCI products and 10 plants around the world Cortec Corporation supplies its clients globally. One of its manufacturing plants is located in Croatia. “Our EU carbon neutral plant, EcoCortec®, operates a vibrant recycling program. We always make sure that we use recycled film content at a level at which we can guarantee quality of newly made VpCI® products. This way we provide our customers with best quality VCI/VpCI® film that is sustainable and environmentally friendly at the same time” says Dijana Zrinski, EcoCortec’s General Manager. EcoCortec® exports its wide range of products all over the world, supplying biggest manufacturers in automotive, metal, marine, oil and gas, construction and other industries. In EcoCortec’s assortment, there are wide ranges of bio based, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging options including films, papers, and latest developments in stretch, shrink and ESD packaging. 

Cortec® offers a full range of high quality packaging materials to protect metal goods from rust and corrosion. With decades of experience in industries across the globe, Cortec® provides individualized solutions including:

• Rust-free shipment of goods overseas
• In-process protection of partially manufactured goods
• Long-term preservation of expensive equipment and more

The packaging industry today is part of larger local and global platform. Mission of our teams in Cortec Corporation is to design and manufacture products that will satisfy our customers but we also consider ourselves responsible in creating solutions that encompass responsibility towards our communities.

You can read more abour Cortec’s packaging solutions here: https://www.cortecvci.com/Publications/Brochures/Packaging_Brochure-04-21.pdf

More on EcoCortec‘s assortment of products :https://www.ecocortec.hr/eng/assets/files/EcoCortec_brochure.pdf

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