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Month: May 2023

NEWS ALERT: Prioritizing Rust Prevention for Greenfield Construction Projects

Almost any construction project involves delays. This is especially true with large scale refineries, offshore windfarms, or other industrial sites that take multiple years to build. In the meantime, equipment assets arriving onsite are at risk for corrosion while sitting idle in harsh conditions. Proper preservation is therefore integral to bringing a greenfield project successfully…
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PRESS RELEASE: How to Prevent Rust in Long-Term Storage and Shipping with BioPad®

    The age-old problem of how to prevent rust on metals is a big concern for manufacturers who must ship metal parts around the world or store them for long periods. While there are many tools and technologies available, one helpful material that Cortec® Corporation has developed is BioPad®, a USDA Certified Biobased Product that is…
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PRESS RELEASE: Metal Preservation 101 for Manufacturers

Preservation of metals is not just something that is needed when mothballing an industrial facility. It is also important for manufacturers of metal parts and equipment that must be like-new when the end user puts them into service. Keeping these vulnerable metals rust-free in uncontrolled environments for unknown durations is challenging, but it does not…
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PRESS RELEASE: Commercially Compostable VCI Film Brings Corrosion Protection ‘Back to Nature’!

  What if plastic packaging could go back to nature once it was used-not only for organics waste, but also for specialty rust preventative packaging? That is what Cortec® seeks to do with Eco-Corr Film® as a viable option for manufacturers who want to “go green” and reduce plastic pollution while preventing rust on metal. Rust Prevention and…
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