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NEWS ALERT: Prioritizing Rust Prevention for Greenfield Construction Projects

NEWS ALERT: Prioritizing Rust Prevention for Greenfield Construction Projects

Almost any construction project involves delays. This is especially true with large scale refineries, offshore windfarms, or other industrial sites that take multiple years to build. In the meantime, equipment assets arriving onsite are at risk for corrosion while sitting idle in harsh conditions. Proper preservation is therefore integral to bringing a greenfield project successfully from construction to commissioning.

Rust Prevention vs. Rust Removal

While rust prevention is typically easier and better than rust removal, many people do not even consider corrosion control until rust has appeared. However, in greenfield construction, the stakes are far too high to run the risk of letting this happen. Equipment may be too large and intricate for full restoration, and replacing custom equipment is almost out of the question given the time and cost required to remake and ship oversized parts into remote locations.

Best Practices for Rust-Free Startup

Because of the serious problems that rust can create, a greenfield construction risk assessment should include a proper preservation plan. Heat exchangers, boilers, electronics, piping modules, turbines, and the many other large and small vessels and industrial equipment designed for the final project need adequate protection from the environment. Good preservation typically involves Cortec® VpCI® Technology in a variety of forms with the following possible applications:

Aim for Greenfield Project Success

The list of possible products and their applications goes on, but with Cortec® Technologies, minimal removal before commissioning is the norm. Best of all, the absence of rust means that equipment can be used without further restoration, making a huge contribution to project success and minimal interruption in the oil and gas, energy, and many other industries. Contact Cortec® today to get advice on prioritizing preservation for greenfield construction projects!

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