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Month: November 2022

CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #742: Commercially Compostable Shrink Film for Packaging Skis

DPS Skis was shrink wrapping its specialty skis in polyethylene (PE) film but wanted a more sustainable packaging alternative. The company is known for prioritizing sustainable business practices wherever possible and reached out to Cortec® in 2020 for a sample of EcoShrink™ commercially compostable film.* After thoroughly testing EcoShrink™ in their heat shrink tunnel, they decided to place…
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NEWS ALERT: Know Your VCI Film and Bag Options

  The main purpose of VCI films and bags is to protect metals from corrosion. While the reason is simple, the options are many. Knowing what VCI Film and Bag varieties are available under the Cortec® VpCI® quality brand name will help you leverage this form of protection to the best advantage for each specific application. Different…
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PRESS RELEASE: VpCI® Film: The Metals Storage Solution That Goes Beyond Corrosion Protection

  No matter how incidental and secondary they seem, storage and warehousing are integral parts of everyday industrial activity. However, storage of metal parts and equipment presents many pitfalls due to the possibility of corrosion. In fact, proper preservation can mean the difference between millions of dollars saved versus millions of dollars lost for an asset…
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NEWS ALERT: ‘Circular Economy’ Opportunities with Cortec® Films

When it comes to plastics packaging, Cortec’s “circular economy” opportunities fall into two main categories: recycling and composting. Both seek to repurpose old products into useful new material. Both are great ways for end users to jump into the “circular economy” and improve their environmental footprint! Recycling Partnership Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) and EcoCortec® offer customers in the…
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