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PRESS RELEASE: VpCI® Film: The Metals Storage Solution That Goes Beyond Corrosion Protection

PRESS RELEASE: VpCI® Film: The Metals Storage Solution That Goes Beyond Corrosion Protection


No matter how incidental and secondary they seem, storage and warehousing are integral parts of everyday industrial activity. However, storage of metal parts and equipment presents many pitfalls due to the possibility of corrosion. In fact, proper preservation can mean the difference between millions of dollars saved versus millions of dollars lost for an asset that can no longer be used to keep critical operations going. Fortunately, Cortec’s VCI/VpCI® Film portfolio can be a powerful ingredient for a successful metal storage and warehousing plan that avoids corrosion and opens the door to more flexible storage options.

Common Asset Storage and Warehousing Needs

Many reasons exist for metals storage and preservation. For instance, a refinery may have billions of dollars’ worth of spare parts that need to be preserved in order to maintain their base value plus the value they bring to plant operations. Many construction projects face the challenge of assets sitting outside, exposed to the elements for months or years. Manufacturing plants need a place to store finished goods before shipment— especially where build-ahead programs or automotive service parts are concerned. In each case, failure to properly address corrosion can have serious repercussions.

What VpCI® Film Can Do for Metals Preservation

VpCI® Film can go a long way toward improving warehousing and storage conditions for metals. While VpCI® Film comes in a variety of forms with different strengths and characteristics, the basic protective mechanism is the same. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors vaporize out of the plastic bag or film, diffuse throughout an enclosed space, and form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces within. When taken out of the film or bag, the component or equipment can be used immediately—no VpCI® removal required. Sometimes a VpCI® Emitter, Foam, or Pouch material is added to the package if an extra dose of corrosion inhibitors is needed due to asset size or extreme environments.

The core benefit of VpCI® Film is easy asset preservation to avoid capital or profit loss and extended downtime. For example, proper critical spare preservation with VpCI® Film and complementary packaging materials means that when a pump or valve fails, maintenance can confidently pull the spare off the shelf and install it immediately without the disaster of finding only rusty assets that do not work or are dangerous to install.

A Flexible Warehousing Option

VpCI® Film also offers greater flexibility to manufacturers. More than once, VpCI® Film has been used as an integral part of build-ahead programs for new engines and auto parts with inventory value ranging from millions to billions of dollars. VpCI® Film and related packaging solutions allowed the manufacturers to build in advance and preserve the inventory until needed. CorrLam® VpCI® Barrier Laminate is another example of related packaging material, great for preserving automotive service parts that may not be needed until decades after a vehicle model is discontinued.

VpCI® Film can also expand storage options outdoors when warehouse space is limited. Cortec’s outdoor grades of VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film and MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film can create perfectly acceptable individual outdoor storage units that offer much better corrosion protection than basic tarps. Sometimes, VpCI® Film doubles as a shipping/storage option for components going to destinations where goods will be stored for an indefinite period of time. Finally, VpCI® Film and Bags are a must-have for plant mothballing where preservation of everything from the tiniest nuts and bolts to giant chillers is required.

Designing the Right VpCI® Film Storage System

Whether for the automaker that needs a flexible corrosion-free build-ahead program, the manufacturer that has completely run out of storage space, or the refinery trying to ensure critical assets are preserved and ready to use, VpCI® Film in its many forms offers an exciting and versatile preservation tool that can assist with more than just corrosion protection.

Contact Cortec® to learn more about designing a flexible VpCI® Film storage system for metals preservation: https://www.cortecpackaging.com/contact-us/

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