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Case History Spotlight #777: Protecting Transmission Parts

Case History Spotlight #777: Protecting Transmission Parts

The heat and humidity of “rust season” in the Midwest used to cause corrosion on parts at a transmission plant every summer. VCI paper and film from a prominent Cortec® competitor did not solve the problem, and liquid rust preventatives were not an option. Around the spring of 2015, the plant decided to do real world testing with CorShield® VpCI®– 146 Paper and VpCI®-126 Bags. They packed parts in these materials and left them in the shop for three to four months. By summer, good results had convinced them to adopt the Cortec® products. By layering transmission parts with CorShield® VpCI®– 146 Paper in bins or trays and wrapping the units in VpCI®-126 Bags, the plant achieved the in-process and storage protection needed. As of seven years into the practice, the plant had not had any major corrosion issues.

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