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VpCI-126 Bag

VpCI®-126 Blue – The Two-in-One Export Packaging Solution for Rust Prevention

Export shipping is a critical time for metals and those who manufacture them. Without adequate protection, vulnerable metal components can corrode as they journey through unpredictable environments exposed to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, condensation, and salt spray. While many rust preventative strategies exist, not all are equal. In particular, Cortec’s VpCI®-126 Blue stands out as a…
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Industrial compost plant. Earth mover working with pile of compost in industrial facility. Turning organic waste to compost soil.

PRESS RELEASE: Cortec® Organics Recycling on Target to Divert 5,000+ Pounds of Trash to Compost Heap by Year’s End!

It has been almost one year since Cortec® Corporation started an internal organics recycling program at its Saint Paul, Minnesota, headquarters. Since January, Cortec® has diverted an estimated 100 pounds (45 kg) per week of organic waste from the landfill to an industrial composting facility where it is transformed into soil amendment for local communities. At this…
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Many wine bottles packed for wholesale at winery.

PRESS RELEASE: Take Advantage of Countless Opportunities for ‘Greener’ Palletization with Eco Wrap®!

November 9, 2021 Stretch wrapping has become an integral part of the warehousing and shipping sectors, helping to unitize bulky loads and improve handling. Unfortunately, it is one more contributor to the millions of tons of plastic waste generated annually. The exciting question is, what if, instead of sending all that plastic wrap waste to…
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PRESS RELEASE: DPS Skis Bids to Cut Plastic Waste with New Cortec® Packaging Partnership

Salt Lake City-based ski maker introduces new commercially compostable shrink wrap for ski and equipment packaging ahead of Fall 2021 season November 2, 2021 SALT LAKE CITY (August 17, 2021) — Lettuce. Apple cores. The wrapper on your new pair of skis. These are all items that could end up at your local industrial composting site with…
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PRESS RELEASE: Cor-Pak® Tablets Powered by Nano VpCI® – Best Solution for Your Corrosion Headache!

October 8, 2021 Cor-Pak® Tablets are not aimed at your medical condition, but they are an excellent solution for your corrosion issues. Cortec’s team of chemists and engineers have launched revolutionary anti-corrosion pills called Cor-Pak® Tablets – a cure to “diseases” caused by corrosion. Using this small, economical, yet strong corrosion preventative allows customers to eliminate expensive…
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