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PRESS RELEASE: Powerful UV Shrink Film with 30% Recycled Content Stops Corrosion in Aggressive Environments!

PRESS RELEASE: Powerful UV Shrink Film with 30% Recycled Content Stops Corrosion in Aggressive Environments!

Cortec’s patented, VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink film, combines high strength resins with ultraviolet light stabilizers (UV) and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) technology. The non-toxic film is recyclable and provides multi-metal protection for parts and equipment for up to three years even in most aggressive outdoor conditions. Unlike some preservation films that rely on white pigments to reflect UV light, VpCI®-126 HP UV is transparent; containing unique inhibitors that protects the polymer from UV exposure and prevents degradation.

The film provides contact, barrier, and vapor phase protection and can be used in numerous applications. Ideally, it is suited for transit staging and layup of critical equipment; including equipment with large void spaces, multiple metals and complex geometries. It is an excellent replacement for conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants, making equipment ready to use with no additional cleaning and or degreasing necessary. This saves valuable time and money.

VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film, in conjunction with other Cortec®’s products, provides a total turnkey preservation for long-term storage. Metal parts packaged in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film receive long lasting protection against salt air and humid environments, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres and dissimilar metal corrosion. The VpCI’s vaporize and condense on all metal surfaces within the enclosed space protecting its exterior, as well as void spaces and recessed areas. Efficiency of VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film is best demonstrated in numerous field applications. 

Packaging and Preservation of Main Terminal Boxes

The customer requested preservation of main terminal boxes for 12 months before commissioning. This included internal and external preservation of five boxes. VpCI®-111 Emitters were installed inside the units. After sharp-edge protection using polyurethane foam, the entire system was packed and heat shrunk in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film for external preservation. This system allowed for comprehensive internal and external preservation of the terminal boxes in a manner that will not require extensive product removal at commissioning.

Protection of Wind Turbine Shafts, Rings, and Hubs

Large wind energy component manufacturer makes shafts, rings, and hubs for wind turbines and continuously ships them all over the world from various locations in Spain. They experienced past problems with corrosion and needed a system that would protect the components from corrosion for two to five years in indoor and outdoor conditions. The components were first given a thorough cleaning with VpCI®-415 to remove any dirt or grime. After drying, the most sensitive metal surfaces were coated with VpCI®-368 D removable coating at 50-75 µm (2-3 mils). Finally, each element was wrapped and heat shrunk in VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film. After testing Cortec® VpCI® materials, the customer as very satisfied and decided to incorporate them into their new wind turbine projects to avoid corrosion problems of the past.

Available from European EcoCortec® plant

Recyclable VpCI®-126 HP UV film is manufactured in Cortec® Corporation’s European plant located in Croatia. The plant produces wide range of environmentally safe anticorrosion packaging solutions. Utilizing circular economy model, manufacturer has been promoting sustainable VCI packaging technologies for almost 20 years. EcoCortec® offers large assortment of films, papers and bags, mostly from renewable, biobased and recyclable materials. Wind energy component manufacturer in Spain successfully used VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film for corrosion protection of different elements. Plant’s new state-of-the-art Erema regranulation machine reprocesses plastic scrap and waste onsite. EcoCortec® recently became first VCI plant in Europe to generate electricity from solar panels. The plant exports its wide range of products all over the world, from highly effective film and foam technology to premium custom converted papers.

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