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PRESS RELEASE: Recyclable Barrier Paper for Your Circular Economy Initiative!

PRESS RELEASE: Recyclable Barrier Paper for Your Circular Economy Initiative!

August 9, 2023

EcoShield® Barrier Paper

Many consumers and manufacturers today are looking for more environmentally acceptable ways of carrying out everyday activities such as packaging. The use of paper products instead of plastic represents one opportunity to reduce plastic pollution and use material from a plant-based resource instead of a heavily petroleum-based one. Recyclability represents another opportunity to exercise responsibility. Cortec® has tackled both concerns with the production of recyclable moisture barrier paper for use in your circular economy initiative!

Biobased Packaging

The circular economy takes the entire life-cycle into consideration. While disposal is a key component, many today are also looking at the source of the material. EcoShield® Barrier Paper caters to this sustainability ideal as a USDA Certified Biobased Product that contains 65% biobased content, making it a great “circular economy” replacement for plastic packaging where possible.

A Recyclable Barrier to Moisture

Rather than using a polyethylene or wax-based moisture barrier coating, Cortec’s EcoShield® Barrier Paper is coated with a water-based barrier coating that resists moisture. This makes it easy to recycle the paper through normal streams since there is no polyethylene or wax in need of separation from the paper fibers. The paper has passed recyclability testing per EU Standards (UNI 11743:2019 and the System of Evaluation Aticelca 501:2019). At the same time, EcoShield® Barrier Paper offers barrier properties within the Water Vapor Transfer Rate (WVTR) of polycoated paper and much better than waxed paper according to the following example test ranges.

EcoShield® Barrier Paper Polycoated Paper Waxed Paper
WVTR* (g/hour•m²) 0.61-0.69 0.47-0.71 6.5-6.9

*Example test ranges are for EcoShield® Barrier Paper (45# 3msf natural kraft paper, 10# coating), a comparable polyethylene coated paper (40# 3msf paper, 6# PE coating), and commercial waxed paper.

Options for using EcoShield® Barrier Paper include

  • Packaging moisture sensitive components
  • Wrapping greasy or damp items
  • Lining wooden pallets or corrugated boxes to keep out moisture or other corrosives
  • Protecting work surfaces
  • And more!

Consumers and manufacturers today must be creative and resourceful to measure up to their own environmental standards and those of their customers. EcoShield® Barrier Paper is one way to make a more environmentally responsible product selection where moisture barrier packaging is needed. Contact Cortec® to discuss whether EcoShield® Barrier Paper is the right match for your circular economy packaging goals!

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